Calling all intelligent women

who feel stuck ... wondering

Should I or Shouldn't I? 

How to decide if you are truly ready for divorce

And the 4 Big Mistakes you MUST avoid

SAS For Women

This free video class is for you, if you . . .

  • Fear you cannot afford a divorce
  • Worry what divorce (... or staying right where you are) might do to the kids
  • Are afraid you will regret doing something (or not doing anything)
  • Are seemingly "functioning" but deep down feel torn apart
  • Feel alone and can't believe you find yourself on this page
  • Know on some level that something has got to change!

Join educators & divorce coaches
Liza Caldwell & Kimberly Mishkin
Cofounders of SAS for Women®

Find out what is possible for you . . .

Learn . . .

  • What divorce might look like for you
  • The 4 SIGNIFICANT MISTAKES you must avoid
  • How "taking action" does not necessarily mean you are getting divorced
  • The critical resource you must know if you want to save your marriage (or at least give it one last shot)
  • How to move beyond your fears & create a framework for understanding what is possible for your life &             your family's

  • AVERY O.

    SAS Client

    For years I have been in an unstable marriage, ranging from hesitantly hopeful to downright ugly. I’d thought about leaving so many times but found the vast unknown so nauseatingly scary that I ended up doing nothing and then hating myself for being such a coward. Since reaching out to SAS I feel so much more comfortable about what lies ahead. SAS' work is practical, logical, and straight forward, but never loses sight of the amorphous EMOTIONAL side of this issue. My journey is just beginning. And I honestly don’t know where I’m going to land. However, with SAS as my guide I am no longer afraid. And that is priceless.


    SAS Client

    SAS is an incredible resource for any woman contemplating separation or divorce! … I genuinely got more out of this class and my connection to SAS than I did from my many years of therapy. You'll come away with a wealth of education, awareness, and resources. You will feel validated, nurtured and celebrated for all you are. Connecting with Liza and Kim is one of the best decisions I've made for my life.

    Daniela Bearson

    SAS Client

    I am  extremely grateful to Liza & Kim for all they have done—tools, resources, warmth and encouragement. Thank you for helping me heal and teaching me it's okay to rely on experts and resources outside myself. I am learning how (and how important it is!) to scaffold together my voice and power. SAS for Women is an unexpected team of angels. A blessing to me.

    About SAS for Women®

    Since 2012, SAS has been uniquely positioned to understand women as they confront the realities of divorce around the world. Our education and coaching services focus on the healthy near and long-view approach to problem-solving. Holistic in its approach, but strategic with its focus, our method appeals to women committed to being smart, healthy, and savvy in their decision-making now. It is a privilege to share our knowledge and inspiration with discerning women like you as a foundation for you to become the women you want to be, in your own time, and on your own terms.

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