Are You Struggling to Imagine

Your Life After Divorce?

It's time to take an honest look at what is holding you back,

and decide to craft a life you can look forward to.

April 19, 2017, 2-3pm (EDT)

Do you feel ...

  • Stuck in a life you don’t want anymore?
  • Too old to start over?
  • Like it’s impossible to see how things could be different, let alone better?
  • Confused, frightened , anxious, or trapped?
Divorce Advice

Are you scared to death about what life after divorce might hold for you (and pretty certain it’s going to be worse)?

This workshop is for you.

Come with us, discover...

  • The reason you are paralyzed and what you need to do about it
  • Stories that will inspire you from women who have been there
  • Steps you can take to get unstuck and create forward momentum
  • A glimpse into what other women are feeling and what strategies they are using to cope

​A few words

"Your life before divorce is probably chaotic and stressful and filled with moments of pain. While splitting may be hard for both of you, staying together is often worse and takes a toll on your psyche, your heart, your soul. Going your separate way, after you've determined what your choices are, often restores the peace you are longing for ... The peace you need in your house, the peace you need your children to feel, the peace you need between your ears, the peace you need to live." – Liza Caldwell, SAS Cofounder

“What I had to do, and what you must do now, is go on a journey to deal with the divorce. It’s not easy; sometimes there is a steep learning curve, with many ups, downs, twists and turns. You must wade through the legal process, the financial process, and the logistics of getting through each day so that you can get on with the most important element of your recovery: your emotional healing.”- Kimberly Mishkin, SAS Cofounder

About SAS for Women

SAS for Women® is uniquely positioned to understand women as they confront the realities of divorce around the world. Our education and coaching services focus on the healthy approach and appeal to women who are committed to being smart and educated in their decision-making.