How to Know If Divorce is Right for You ...
And What You Must Know to Do It

SAS For Women

 Master Class Webinar

With Liza Caldwell &    Kimberly Miskin

SAS Cofounders

Reserve your seat now for this powerful Master Class designed to address the legal, practical, & emotional needs of women contemplating or steering through the complicated challenge of divorce.

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at 2-3:30pm EST

* If you are unable to attend the webinar at this time, don't worry. Your purchase will still secure your coaching and financial consultations as well as three-months access to the class recording.

We’ve taken a lifetime of experience and education and brought it all together:

  1. Identify the dangerous effects of Considering Divorce Syndrome (CDS) and the impact Considering Divorce Syndrome has on your head, heart & body
  2. How to know when you are ready to divorce and what that “when” looks like
  3. Reframe the process so you understand what to expect throughout the Four Stages of Divorce™
  4. ​Learn the critical importance of your Compassionate Companion
  5. Be educated on your legal options: what you need to know BEFORE you hire a lawyer & what you must know when working with one
  6. Uncover the surprising things you can learn from the uncertainty you are experiencing
  7. Learn the tools for moving through the emotional turmoil and into stability
  8. Gain a handle on what you need to know about the financial & practical realities of divorcing and the little known resource that strengthens your understanding of what is possible for your life after divorce

We guarantee that you will know more than when you started and feel that you have experienced a shift in the way you are thinking about divorce and your life possibilities!
(Or you need only write us about your experience & we will refund your money.)

Words from Women Attending SAS’ Master Class:

“This class met and went beyond my expectations! You rocked with the time, the extra time you gave us was just right. Long enough to answer questions since not all of them were rhetoric, but required real black and white feedback. Yes! I will be taking a future class!”

“SAS -- support and solutions for women -- it's true. This class, "How to Know If Divorce is Right for You ..." was my first step in actualizing a plan to create a new life for myself.  In this webinar, you will hear gems of lived-wisdom and be able to share your own experiences safely with others. I gained insight and hope for a brighter future. Plus, it was a great value for the money." 

"As an artistic person, I loved the suggested exercises that helped me understand where I was in the beginning of the class versus the end. What I realized is that I felt very overwhelmed before class and very differently at the end. I also loved the visuals of the stages -- I could see myself on the journey, and because of that felt so much less alone!"

“I would absolutely recommend this class! The idea of the Compassionate Companion who is impartial and a guide through options available is very steadying and soothing … I’m definitely taking a future class!”

“I especially liked the validation, the sharing of experiences no matter how upsetting it was. These women shared what they have learned and what they wish they had learned sooner.”

“What attracted me to the class was that both Liza and Kim not only went through divorce but were also very generous in sharing their own experiences and knowledge. Authentic!”

“This SAS webinar is like opening a window. You breath in the fresh air, you can look around and take in the landscape which is your life situation at present, in a calm and unified way ..."

The Master Class includes:

  • One 90-minute webinar including a 30-minute live Q&A for your questions
  • Your downloadable version The Best Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney
  • ​One Private 60-minute Coaching Session with SAS Cofounders Liza or Kim
  • One Private 30-minute Consultation with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


* Important Note: due to technical restrictions the available places on this webinar

are strictly limited! Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation.