How To Know if Divorce is Right For You




How to Know If 

D. Is Right for You

& What You Must Know to Do It


With Liza Caldwell &  Kimberly Mishkin 

Educators & Certified Divorce Recovery Coaches

SAS For Women

Reserve your seat for this powerful video/class with expert resources designed to address the …Legal.   Financial.   Emotional.

Needs of women contemplating, or steering through the challenge of divorce.(Watch it now or when you have the time & space … to focus.)

We’ve brought a lifetime of experience & education together, so you can:

  • Identify the dangerous effects of Considering Divorce Syndrome (CDS) and the toll CDS has on your head, heart and body. This class begins your work mitigating its effects
  • Know and come to understand what “ready for divorce” genuinely looks like, and what you can do in the interim so you live without regret
  • Reframe the process: lessen anxiety, manage your own expectations, take back the clock, and learn what to expect through the Four Stages of Divorce™
  • Be educated on your legal choices: what you must know BEFORE hiring a lawyer & what you must know when working with one
  • Learn & USE the best formula for communicating your story to a lawyer or financial professional
  • Develop your specific financial questions in class and have a safe place to go for your specific answers
  • Learn the critical value of your Compassionate Companion
  • Uncover the surprising things you can learn from the uncertainty you are experiencing
  • Learn tools and practices for moving through the emotional turmoil and onto terra firma, a path to peace and stability
  • Begin to look up to consider what else: learn the little known resource that strengthens your understanding of what is possible for your life AFTER divorce

We guarantee that you will experience a shift in the way you think about divorce and what is possible for your life!

(Or you need only write us about your experience & we will refund your money. It’s that simple.)

Praise from Women Who’ve Attended SAS’ Master Class

“SAS—support and solutions for women—it’s true, for ‘How to Know If Divorce is Right for You’ was my first step in actualizing a plan to create a new life for myself.  In this video class you’ll learn best practices and gems of savvy, lived-wisdom. I discovered insights to myself through this process and HOPE for a brighter future. This class, what I learned, was a great value for the money. I learned what was possible and as a result, started taking action in the right way — for me.”

“What attracted me to the class was that both Liza and Kim not only went through divorce but were also very generous in sharing their own experiences and knowledge. They are the definition of AUTHENTIC!”

“This class met and went beyond my expectations! You rocked with the time and what you focused on. Your answers to divorce dilemmas, take my breath away. Yes! I will be taking a future class!”

“I would absolutely recommend this class! The idea of the Compassionate Companion who is impartial and a guide is very steadying and soothing … I’m definitely taking a future class!”

“This SAS class is like opening a window. You breath in the fresh air, you look around, and you take in the landscape which is your life in the present moment. This is about gaining perspective, an overview and next steps, all in a calm and unified way…”

“As an artistic person, I loved the exercises that helped me understand where I was in the beginning of the class versus the end. What I realized is that I felt very overwhelmed before this class and very differently at the end. I also loved the visuals of the stages—I could see myself on the journey, and because of that, my expectations of what I can and cannot do right now are more manageable. I feel so much less alone!”

“I especially liked the validation, the sharing of experiences no matter how upsetting our feelings and situations are. Liza & Kim share what they have learned personally and professionally, and in particular, what they wish they had learned sooner for their own lives. Their stories are going to accelerate my healing.”

Our Master Class includes:

  • One 60+ minute class “How to Know If Divorce Is Right For You…And What You Must Know to Do It”
  • Your downloadable version of “The Best Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney”
  • Your downloadable formula on “How to Tell Your Story to a Lawyer or Financial Person”
  • Your downloadable de-stressing exercise, “Name That Fear”
  • Your private 30-minute consult with an expert Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) 
  • BONUS: Your 30-minute “Your Story & Next Steps” Coaching Session w/ SAS Cofounder Liza Caldwell


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About SAS for Women®

Since 2012, SAS has been uniquely positioned to understand women as they confront the realities of divorce around the world. Our education and coaching services focus on the healthy near and long-view approach to problem-solving. Holistic in its approach, but strategic with its focus, our method appeals to women committed to being smart, healthy, and savvy in their decision-making now. It is a privilege to share our knowledge and inspiration with discerning women like you as a foundation for you to become the women you want to be, in your own time, and on your own terms.

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